Welcome to Jenny Lidster Hypnotherapy, thank you for dropping by.

You are in the right place if you want to:

  • defeat anxiety
  • move on after experiencing trauma
  • change your relationship with food (ie stop emotional eating, lose weight etc)
  • reduce overwhelm
  • build confidence

If you are ready for that change & already know about hypnotherapy &/or EMDR then please feel free to email or message/call me & we can get your first appointment booked in. 

Maybe someone you know,  a friend, work colleague or someone in your family has had great success from working with me, but you have questions & would like to find out more... 

Or maybe you have so far kept your struggles to yourself or the other approaches you've tried haven't helped....

If this is you then book in for a FREE consult & we can  talk through what has brought you to see me & more importantly how you are wanting things to change. I can tell you how & why hypnosis works, & you will have time to ask whatever questions you may have.

The initial consult is available either online (ie Zoom, Whatsapp) or by telephone with follow on therapy appointments available either face to face or online.

You can read my Google reviews here to see what people say about working with me. 

So if you have reached the end of your own coping mechanisms, have tried other therapies & are wondering if hypno is the key you are looking for.....

or maybe you are intrigued by what you've heard about the power of hypnotherapy yet are still sceptical & have lots of questions..... then please get in touch.

You will find that you are not alone in how you are feeling.

If now is the time to take that first step you can contact me by phone, email or by booking in via the online calendar HERE.

We can work together either online or from my therapy room in Honiton, Devon  (at 195 High Street, Honiton, Ex14 1LQ) which has free on street parking outside & is easily accessible from Exeter, Cullompton,  Sidmouth, Axminster, Seaton & Lyme Regis.

I specialise in helping women who are experiencing anxiety & overwhelm, looking to overcome past trauma, & those who want to gain control of their eating habits or lose weight.

Often what motivates someone to come & see me for help is when they notice patterns in their life of self-sabotage, low self-esteem or an almost constant negative internal chatter. Living like this can be exhausting, but more importantly these things are all easily resolved with Hypnotherapy and Eye Movement Desensitistation & Reprocessing (EMDR).

I also see many other clients including anyone who is struggling with stress, low confidence or motivation, fears, phobias or insomnia.

"I had such a positive experience seeing Jenny for a series of hypnotherapy and EMDR sessions. I was feeling stuck, low on energy and also experiencing anxiety around being a passenger in a car. The first session was so powerful and effective. I walked away feeling lighter. In the weeks that followed after subsequent sessions I noticed my mood lifting and anxiety easing. I felt buoyant, relaxed and more myself than I had in a while. The winter lockdown had drained me and I felt the heaviness lifting and an amazing sense of energy and calm. I felt steady, grounded, more sure of myself and positive about life. The sessions were very relaxed - I felt in control but I was also amazed at where my subconscious took me - although it also all made sense. I was able to process certain life experiences and understand myself better. With all of this came a huge sense of relief. I have often wondered about doing hypnotherapy but didn't want to explore it unless I found a good hypnotherapist. Jenny was recommended to me by a close friend and I have also recommended her to others - she is excellent. I felt safe, held and validated." - C.F. Exeter

Want to know more?

Here is more information on the 1:1 EMDR & hypnotherapy sessions I offer.

This is a bit of an introduction to me including why I am so passionate about helping people.

If you'd like to know what people say about working with me & how hypnotherapy has helped them personally then this page is the one you are looking for. 

If you have any questions or would like to book in a free, informal, no-obligation chat about how I can help you please get in touch and let's get started, I look forward to helping you make those changes.

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"Jenny is the best friend you never knew you had. Utterly calm and professional, caring and extremely knowledgeable. She’s got your back and your best interests in her generous heart. I can’t recommend her highly enough. Just go and see her" - R.R. Sidmouth

Hypnotherapy for anxiety panic attacks

"Starting any therapeutic journey can be daunting, especially one that is relatively unfamiliar such as EMDR, however Jenny is so down-to-earth and approachable, she quickly put any fears at ease. She was very professional, yet very friendly and reassuring throughout the whole process.

I was really amazed how rapidly the therapy started to work and how effective and transformational it was. It really helped me to change the perspective of my traumatic experience and allowed me to release a lot of the negative emotion that surrounded it.

I absolutely recommend EMDR therapy and Jenny as a therapist!

~ Sarah Lucas, Guatemala 

Honiton Clinic

“I was recommended to Jenny by a friend. I pondered it for a long time before I finally made the call. I am so glad I did. She has changed my life for the better. In just a few sessions.  I don't know how it works, but it does. Jenny is such a lovely lady and makes you feel at ease, she shows empathy and clearly loves what she does. I am so grateful to her." - Jo, Exeter




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