Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

Would you like to take the battle out of losing weight?

Are you ready to lose weight in a way which gives you not only long lasting, sustainable results but is much easier & feels almost effortless in comparison to all the other methods you've tried before?

Hypnotherapy makes reaching & maintaining your ideal weight feel natural & stops food being the 'enemy'.

If you are sick of feeling like food controls you, and you want to take that control back then book in an free chat HERE to find out how you can get control back & keep it! 

Healthy eating to lose weight

Do you find yourself looking for ‘something’ in the cupboards or fridge, but never really finding it?

Are there times that you eat something and afterwards you realise you barely noticed it going in?

Do you eat to relieve boredom, or anxiety, or stress, or worry, or grief, or fear- yet feel unable to stop?

Maybe that one chocolate biscuit or bag of crisps doesn’t quite hit the spot, so you need another..............and then another?..............but still you don’t feel satisfied.

Do you feel you always have to finish what is on your plate (even when you know you’ve had enough)?

Maybe you already know the changes you want to make for a healthier lifestyle, but despite your best intentions they never seem to stick long-term?

If so, then I can help.

For decades I battled with food, emotional eating and unhealthy habits.

I tried many diets & eating regimes, CBT and counselling, & although I did repeatedly lose weight, it was never very long before I eventually regained it all (and often more besides).  I was locked into a seemingly never-ending cycle of yo-yo dieting and fluctuating weight, & frustratingly, despite my best efforts I never managed to keep the weight off long-term or ever feel at ease around food. Even at times I was losing weight it felt like a battle, full of restrictions and rules, with certain foods being ‘good’ and others being ‘bad’, it felt hard, and exhausting, like a punishment.

How about if I tell you that it doesn’t have to be like that!

There is another way.

An easier way.

A way where you find you CAN eat what you want when you want- because what changes is your mindset.

So now you eat for health, for nutrition & energy (not to 'feel better')

You feel more at ease with yourself & more comfortable in your body & you are able to tune in to hunger & full signals.

 You find you start to naturally & easily eat less and really enjoy your food, and now, most importantly, you feel in control of it all. 

Together we can find a way which works for you that will give you the long-term results you are looking for.

Are you ready to give hypnotherapy a try?