MindCalm Wellbeing Sessions

MindCalm Sessions

These 40 minute sessions, delivered online so you can relax in the comfort of your own home, provide you with the time & space for some ‘time out’ to calm your mind and relax your body, with the added benefits of;
  • improved wellbeing
  • reduced anxiety
  • increased confidence
  • reduced stress
  • better sleep 
  • more confidence
  • reduced worry
  • increased emotional balance
  • increased calm 
  • lifting your mood
  • more joy
  • a greater sense of peace & ease
These differ from other meditation/relaxation sessions in that I have carefully crafted them to be full of easily absorbed, self-esteem & confidence boosting imagery & positive suggestions.
This will leave you feeling less worried, anxious or overwhelmed and MORE calm, more peaceful, more confident, more positive, more content & feeling more able to cope in general. 
The sessions are just £10 each (1/5th of what it would cost you for a 1:1 session) and you can book in by either email at jennyhypnosis@gmail.com
or via a message on my Facebook page where you will also find more details on dates and times.
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